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NOTE: This is a page intended for users with dial-up, slow Internet.  For the Best quality photos that are full size, click here:  Best Photos Page


If you have really slow Internet, then browse these photos and click on most of them to see an enlarged view.  This is a small selection of the photos that appear on the Best Photos Page.



My first car was totaled! 

My 4th car was totaled!

1997 Camaro with 7000 miles (six months old) got creamed in a car wreck in Dallas on 9/23/97. Totaled the '97 Camaro

and got a '98 to replace it.


My 5th car was totaled!

My '98 Camaro was totaled on 12/22/2000. The jaws of life were used to cut me out. No broken bones, again.

Camaro's are pretty sturdy cars. A Cadillac Escalade ran a red light, hit me on my door and threw me into two other

vehicles. The 2000 Cadillac Escalade and my car were totaled, the other 2 vehicles sustained moderate damage.


My cats I have/had

My Maine Coon Cat 

New haircut for the Kitty. 



My Kitty Cattle Chute - allows cats safe outdoor access 24x7


Family Members

Steve Shep

My Mom and I

Elementary Soccer

Dallas New Radar Patrol Car

A few of my favorite holiday photos !


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