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Current Change Information: (notes from each new change will be moved to the Previous Notes section at bottom of page once new notes are added)

Note: There are now 5 database files being used.  Main file is SoccerMaster.mde. The ProblemReportDatabase.mdb holds user review information, the SoccerMasterTransferDatabase.mdb, which is used for importing and exporting Game and Game Assignment data and the newest is the Soccer Master Backup Utility file, of which there are two versions, one for manual backups and one for automated backups.  All of these files should reside in the same folder we've been using, "C:\SoccerMaster\".


Version 1.1.0

All referee reports specified in initial start up documents indicating what was needed for the new program and what was not are now done, with the exception of the Referee Matrix Report.  I am going to have to come back to that later.  With these reports done this should allow us to begin testing the system with regular league data, as Jerry had indicated he would need these reports to be able to test.  I know it would be helpful to have the matrix report but for now you can manually go in and verify that the data is correct by looking at other reports and various forms.  As I recall we were ready to start testing when it was realized we would need all of the referee reports to proceed.  Some time has elapsed since my last update, however I believe we were ready to test at the time of our last update.  Let me know if anything else is needed for start up testing. 

IMPORTANT: This copy of the SoccerMaster zip file must be copied to the C: drive in the root directory.  In other words, when you download, download it to the C:\ drive.   (Not in the SoccerMaster subfolder.)  Then, unzip it there, and it will unzip it and create a SoccerMaster folder on C drive.  If your old SoccerMaster folder is there on the C Drive, it may ask if you want to overwrite it.  Tell it YES. You want to overwrite all of the old data.  Once it is done unzipping, you should have the following folders on your C drive.













Instructions: in this copy of the zip only the actual database is included.  You will need to manually put the SoccerMaster.mde file in the c:\SoccerMaster\ folder on your c: drive.

Regular Instructions: (these instructions will not deviate substantially from prior download and installation methods.  I will attempt to duplicate this for ease of installation.

1. Click on the link below and select "Save" or "Save As" and save it to the C:\ root folder of your hard drive as

2. Once zip file is on your C drive in the C:\ root folder, right click on the file and select Winzip - Extract to Here.

3. The files will then be placed in a folder on your C drive called "C:\SoccerMaster\" and you can then browse to that folder and open the "SoccerMaster.mde" file placed there. You can either delete the zip file or move it to this folder for storage. 

4. There should be a subfolder created within this folder called "Artwork."  This is where the program icon and background graphics are stored at. When changing the background graphics, browse to the "C:\SoccerMaster\Artwork\" folder to view the files available as background graphics.

Once the program is ready for distribution it will be able to be put anywhere by user, but for testing the file needs to end up in a folder on the c drive called SoccerMaster.

Current Test Copy:

Previous Update Notes:

Version 1.0.20

All Problem Reports from last week addressed and corrected.  PLEASE read over them very carefully, as their are notes embedded with my responses that need clarification.

Added automatic stamp of version number when creating a problem report, so we will know which version going forward that reports were made on.

Worked on Referee Report Menu structure, date range selection and the Assignment Sheets/Matrix, first report, with 3 sorts.  Will be completing all referee reports asap so Jerry can test and we can start using the program based on initial list of items needed to start using Soccer Master. 

Problem report database updated with new table also.

One addition, the adding of code for the system to recognize and auto select the last event worked on each time you start the program was done.  That one took about 5 hours as several techniques to accomplish did not work, with the third one finally working. 

Will complete all referee reports quickly.  One report, the Assignment Sheets / Matrix report, 3rd sort option, would not load for any reason on my machine.  I was able to make it work on my machine and so that report is present, however, because I could not load or print it I assumed what was needed on the report and adjusted it accordingly.  This single report set may not be enough for Jerry to do the testing he needs to do, which is why I will complete all ref reports as quickly as possible, in case he needs more than what is present to do his testing.

Also, for the backup system to work, read the following and make sure after installing version 1.0.20 that all of the following directories exist after you unzip it.  (Also, for development I turned off the Automatic Backup on Exit choices in the System Default Screen for all events, so feel free to turn this back on once it is unzipped.) If they do not exist, you will receive an error message on either manual or automatic backup.  These should unzip and be created automatically for you, but we had some trouble with WinZip on our two different machines awhile back and I am not sure why.  So please verify the following:


Changes for 1.0.19

1. Coaches reports and misconduct plus other reports done.

2. All problem reports remedied. 

3. Report back on speed issues and let me know if anything else seems to be running slow, and whether or not the most recent changes have speeded up things from old problem reports.

4. General updates/fixes done.

5. All reports but HTML Generation stuff done that were needed to get to a working copy of the system, although coach conflict not finalized yet.

6. Working on HTML and PDF report info in separate database.

7. Test, test, test.


Version 1.0.18 Update

1. Player Current Season form was loading very slowly. Re-indexed and changed form record source and form is loading 5 times faster.
2. Added Enhancement-Critical and Enhancement-Nice to Problem report forms.
3. Added Problem Report buttons to every form present in system currently. Occasionally I forget these, just remind me if I create a new form and fail to put button on there.
4. All problem reports addressed.
5. Misconduct forms player listing was showing some erroneous information. Corrected while working on issue in problem reports.
6. New technique for loading record employed on Player Current Season also implemented on the Game List Browse screen and all buttons that load records here. The Game Edit button went from loading in about 4 seconds to 1 second. Substantial speed increase. I remember there was another problem with speed a week or so ago; I am going to go through the entire system and utilize this technique. Should only take an hour to switch over to this. Critical though, because if it is slow with just 40 records in place, it will only get worse with 4000. Any future additions will employ this technique.

7. I recreated the zip file from scratch versus adding and removing files from the old archive.  Hopefully this will take care of the problem where the Backup folder and it's subfolders were not being recreated properly.  Try this version and see if it unzips properly.  If it does not, the only thing I could think that could cause this problem would be a difference in our WinZip options, so maybe check the options for Winzip and see if you see anything pertaining to directory path.  Hopefully it will work as is.  Either way, once it is ready for release, the program will be prepared into a delivery version that will include all relevant files and folders, will install all supplementary files automatically and generally alleviate many of the development issues we have.  The reason this has not been done yet is that our zip file would go from 30 megabytes to around 150, because of all of the support files.  It is fine for delivery on a CD, but for downloading it would be cumbersome.



Changes for 1.0.17

1. Changes to the Team Browse and Other Team Options, which was first introduced in June, were made as I just received the first problem reports on that part of the program.
2. Speed Optimization. When the program tables were first created, indexes that were part of the old system were brought in during the import process. These indexes in many cases were unneccesary. About 60% of these indexes were removed, others were added, and a huge boost in speed throughout the system was experienced. Problem reports on the speed of the program being a problem initiaited these changes. Becase little or no data entry had occurred to date, this was not a problem until now.
3. All problem reports were addressed and corrected or noted as enhancement requests.
4. All Hot Keys (Alt Key and Letter combinations) were checked to insure they were in place and working as they should. There are many of these combinations throughout the system, done in an effort to reduce or eliminate the need for the computer mouse, so if I missed a spot please notate it in future problem reports and I will be happy to take care of it.
5. In all places where a message would pop up asking you if you would like to save changes to a record, these have been removed, because if you typed it then I assume you want to save it. Rather than have to use an extra key stroke every time you create a new record, these were all removed. It is very easy to delete something if you don't like it, or to even delete groups of records, so hopefully the lack of this will be appreciated. Saves in Soccer Master occur automatically every time you tab to a new field, so saves are being done.
6. A new option has been added to the Problem Reports, that shows the Request Action Taken type. If it is an enhancement request that was taken care of, that is a choice, or an enhancement request that will be done later, that is noted. Review the problem reports to see my responses to requests and actions taken.
7. Major changes/updates were done to the Player Section, Team Section, and a variety of other areas on this update. Due to some serious issues that arose last week, my normal notation of issues and changes were interrupted so this list may not be complete.
8. A variety of data tables were cleared and the data was removed to insure data entry is done and thorough testing occurs. This also reflects an earlier request that information be cleared. Additionally, if there is a need for clear data when testing in the future, one only need to create a new event and they will have blank data tables for themselves, as occurs in the old program.

Version 1.0.16 Changes

1. Major changes for the Team data table and screens. Clarification of certain fields meanings discovered after deeper review of data. Update of Team Seeding and Team ranking done and automated update of Team Standings in place. Now on the Team form when you change any of the Team ranking values, the total Team ranking is updated automatically upon each change.
2. New tab added to Team to show separation of Team Standings and Team Rankings.
3. Major updates to the fields and field names in the Team database.
4. Import Query for duplicating teams to a different event updated to reflect team field name changes.
5. Player information - on the Teams form you can add players on the fly for quick entry. Major changes made to this option and its functionality.
6. Show newly added player button added on the Teams Player Information screen. Before you could add a player here, and it would not show up on the list after entering the player information and returning to the form. It now is linked properly and a button was added to show all record on this screen without having to close the form and reopen it.
7. When adding new player from the Team form, it now auto-populates the Team Name and Team Code plus Age/sex division info on the new player form for you. You only have to enter the player name and other critical data as this other part is done for you.
8. On the Current Player form, now, when you select the Team the Player will be on, it makes you put in the the Age/Sex Division information first, so that your list is filtered to the Age/Sex group and you have much less teams to select from. Rather than seeing all teams, you only see the teams in their age sex group, similar to when you are scheduling a game, and you enter in the Age sex information, and it only shows the teams appropriate for that age sex group.
9. Deleted quite a bit of the sample data for cleaner testing.
10. Misconduct report done but may not be exactly what you want. The one in Futbol does not work properly, so although I could load the report, it does not show any misconduct infromation on the report. Scores with Misconduct report. So, I did a version of the report that encompasses what I would think it would need.

Version 1.0.15 Changes

On Version 1.0.15 I got crossed up on version numbers so I am going straight to 1.016 to prevent confusion.

Version 1.0.14 Changes

Changes for 1.0.14

1. Game time problem - reformatted Game Times Standard and Military, current game and last viewed game, on Schedule Games screen, as games were showing a time that included an 1890 date in addition to the time. Caught it while working on reports. If you added a game, then went back to look at the previous game and tabbed to the time field, you would see "January 1, 1890 12:30:00 PM" instead of 12:30 PM.
2. Green bar capability added to reports.
3. First reports on the Games Reports Menu done and working. I am changing the font color of all Report Choices to dark grey, and as I complete the reports I am changing them to Navy Blue (standard color) so it is easy to see which reports are done and which are not.
4. Reports have List Boxes for choices on the Game Menu. At the time of this writing there is one for Team Name and one for Age/Sex Code. If you don't make any selections, the report assumes you want to see all. Click on any of the items in either list and your report will be filtered to that information. Currently only one list per report works. If in the old program it allowed you to choose the Age/Sex code, it will be the same here. If it would allow you to select various teams, it will also do that. It would not allow you to specify different Age/Sex Codes and different Teams on the same report. As of now I've not faced that predicament.
5. Game Rescheduling - after changes made on prior version, while testing reports, I realized that the code on that form was not working as intended. I spent two hours revising it to address the problem faced and making sure that it worked as it originally did. I believe I have it addressed now to work properly. The major difference is I went from allowing the edit of one game on each load of the screen, to where you can press the "Show All" games button and it reveals navigation buttons that lets you cycle through the records and change virtually all of them without returning to the prior Game Browse screen. Please test extensively to insure that it is easy enough to use now, and that it is working properly.
6. Revised date selection criteria screen to reflect style sheet of program better.
7. Grabbed a copy of the Reschedule Form from backup copy of database just prior to most recent changes, as worst case option I can restore it until this can be fixed better, but for now the new test copy is present for testing and will hopefully work.
8. System Optimization button added on the Utilities Menu. This will optimize the system, looking for any potential problems, and compact the database down to the smallest size.
9. Looking at problem with new File Export Wizard. Runs fine in Access 2000 but not XP. Will work on that. May make it more of a manual process if not fixable quickly and provide basic export capability.
10. Team standings score value options added to the Utilities Menu - System Defaults screen, on new page, page 3 of that form. Added help information box as well. Proposed score adjustment for misconduct (excessive) and am awaiting response.
11. Team standings report information clarified but not finalized. For now all reports in Games Menu needed for immediate use are done, besides the Team Standings one.
12. Rescheduled game report date range now tied to the Change Date field which records the date a game was rescheduled. So for that report, you can put in your date range and only games whose schedule was changed during that period will show up.

1.0.13 Changes

Backup and renumbering finalized.  Please verify it is working satisfactorily.

All problem reports remedied. Please review the responses I've put in regarding all of these issues.
Checks not adjusted to fit stationary yet but next version.  I overlooked due to delays on other issues.
Report selection criteria added/tightened up. Now select Age Division:
"You can now choose the Age/Division you want to appear on the report. If you load the Output Report screen and don't make a choice, then all will be printed, an enhancement over Futbol as it made you select everytime or press F6, and, you can choose one or many items to see just those items. HOLD down your control key while picking various items to select one, skip a couple and select some more, or your Shift key to select everything between one choice and another. ALSO, only Age/Divisions that are currently scheduled Games will show up in your choice List. Before it would list all but now it will only show those Age/Divisions that are currently scheduled."
Add Ref to Current Season button now on master referee browse screen. Takes the current ref in Master Ref Browse that was just added or that you are editing and adds to current season, in case a ref is added after the import current season creation. Tells the Current Event you are logged in when confirming your selection so you know exactly which event it will be going to.
Special Query Creator - option on the Utilities menu, select the table you wish to create query from. Then press the Query Creator for Wizard interface to prep temp table of data which can be saved, and then you can either Export the data in one of about 10 different data formats, or you can analyze it in MS Word or Excel.
With regards to the Reschedule Game problem report, I've implemented the following solution which hopefully will remedy the problem:
I think I came up with a solution for this. Near the exit button I've added a "Show All Games" button. Normally when you open this screen, it is filtered to show only the game you were working on. By clicking on the Show All Games button, you remove this filter and all games for this event are shown. So you can then edit many games at one time without leaving this screen. You will notice that the Record Navigation buttons now appear on this screen at the lower left side, so you can move backward and forward between all of the games for this event.
Game Score Fast Entry Screen - game hyper search number now has the Date, Time, Field Home-Visit Team information on the hypersearch. Still works just by selecting the Game Number, but you can view the additional game number inforamtion when selecting if you need to. Also, modified the View Game Details button to exit gracefully if user tries to edit a game when first entering the screen, when a game number has not yet been selected.


Version 1.0.12 Changes

IMPORTANT: This copy of the SoccerMaster zip file must be copied to the C: drive in the root directory.  In other words, when you download, download it to the C:\ drive.   (Not in the SoccerMaster subfolder.)  Then, unzip it there, and it will unzip it and create a SoccerMaster folder on C drive.  If your old SoccerMaster folder is there on the C Drive, it may ask if you want to overwrite it.  Tell it YES. You want to overwrite all of the old data.  Once it is done unzipping, you should have the following folders on your C drive.











If this is done incorrectly, you will experience a failure when you attempt the backup, because the backup considers the day of week you are doing the backup on, and places the backup copy in this folder.  If the folder does not exist, an error will occur.  If you have any questions about this, call me when you unzip it and I will help you be sure it is done correctly, but this explains it in detail and will work if done as stated. 

(Note: When I prepare the final version, the installation code done for the normal install will create these folders automatically.  For testing, care must be taken to make sure these files are unzipped properly.)

Important:  Feedback on the first report is essential.  This report will be the foundation upon which all other reports will be created, so if there are any changes needed they should be noted in the ProblemReportDatabase at this time.  All reports will be designed exactly like this one. The first report can be viewed by selecting the first Event in the System, the Dallas Cup General Tournament 2004 Event, and then going to the reports menu, selecting the first Output option, "Games Outputs Menu", and then the first report, "Schedule By Age Divisions." The default dates shown (which default to the begin/end period for the event as defined in the System Defaults) is fine and will show all games listed that I have entered as test data. Carefully review the report and note any changes desired at this time, prior to the development of all other reports. 

Next, Game Renumbering is done and needs to be tested heavily.  I tested extensively and believe it is working perfectly, so please check it and make sure it works as it should.

Backups - the backup system is included. Currently the backup is done manually, by going to the Utilities Menu and selecting backup.  Selecting Database Backup from the Utilities menu will close the Soccer Master System, open the backup utility and automatically start the backup, and then will close the backup utility and reopen the Soccer Master program.  A message box will pop up stating the backup has been completed, and will state where it has been backed up to.  You can then continue working.  If testing on this yields positive results, then I will automate this to be run automatically on Exit as it currently works in the old program.  For now you will need to manually activate it and make sure it works ok for you. 

Due to the delays in prepping the Game Renumbering and System backups, this is all this update contains as far as major updates.  A number of minor updates were also done, including work on the 1st report.  Please submit ProblemReportDatabase at your earliest convenience and I will integrate that information.  All current Problem Reports have been integrated besides one.  Select the Utilities Menu to see the current problem report reports and my responsed to them and the changes I made in response.

Version 1.0.11 Changes


Small update - corrections to two problem report databases submitted were made.  Due to some of the problems, a thorough review of 1.0.10 was not completed.  I made all of the corrections except where questions persisted.  GO to the Utilities Menu and look at all of the problem reports submitted with my responses at the bottom, as I had a few questions on some of them and need for them to be resubmitted with clarification.  When you view the reports they are in the order entered, so you can go to the last report and work your way back, watching the dates.  The current reports should go back to August 19th.  I will put a checkbox on the next version so once an issue is resolved, a check box can be checked by you to show that item is taken care of, and you filter then on all unchecked items so you only see the most current.

Now, on this version I do have one report done and ready for viewing.  It does not have the page number or print date at the bottom of the report, but I will add that.  As it stands, you can view the report and specify date ranges to only show certain dates.  In the date range you must specify a date right now, but later you won't.  I have 1 game in their for Aug. 17, one for the 24th, and multiple games scheduled for the 31st of August.  Select date ranges on the Outputs Main Menu that include those dates, then open the Games Output Reports menu, and select the first report.  You will see the data for that report.  Then go back and change the date range to only the 31st, and you will see just the games for the 31st.  This report is how the other reports will look in general, so if there are any issues with this report please note them now as subsequent reports will be based on it.  My only concern is the blue background on the headers.  Laser printer toner may be used up too quickly, so I am thinking about switching this to a light grey color, at least on print, to conserve toner.  Please check this and all of the items for the last two problem reports.  Please also review the 1.0.10 change information below this as the last review was not completed because of issues that prevented completion.  Thanks, SS.


Version 1.0.10 Changes

All problem report items repaired and corrected.

All changes requested at meeting on prior Sunday addressed and integrated.

Check printing for single checks added - please test extensivley and make sure lining up correctly on actual check forms.  I've requested a blank check form a few days ago for testing but have not received as of yet so could not test fully.

Checks payable to info now on Register Browse screen.

Checks Note field and Memo field both appear on check detail form now.

Check memo size increased somewhat to allow more text on the Memo area of checks.

Team Browse Form -  redundant Age/Sex information removed.

Player Add to Current Season - I found a problem with this while testing.  Adding players to current season was not updating correctly.  Corrections made and should be working ok now.  Test, Test, Test.

Notes field for Game Schedule clarified and Ref notes field removed from General Game Edit form so it is clearer as to which notes belong to respective system users.

Custom Date Selection utilities added for Output screen.  This can be seen when going to the Outputs screen and viewing it's main menu.  You can select dates on this screen or you can open a custom date form for selection of dates.  Placing this on the Main Menu allows the user to prep multiple reports utilizing the same date range which would often be the case, versus having to reenter the date ranges multiple times for every report.

Fast Score Entry screen added for quick entry of game scores and misconduct information.  TEST this heavily and make sure it is what is needed.

Other general updates additions made as well. 

Install and testing instructions are the same.


Version 1.0.9 Update

Financial Menu Section -

As with most recent updates, no changes in the instructions for utilizing test copy.  First item in list worked on.  Click on the Financial Information Explorer (Check Register Explorer) and from there Add Checks, Edit Checks, with heavy customization over older program.  Wherever you see light green backgrounds for data fields, that signifies that you can double-click it to Hyperclick the editing form for that item.  No exports setup yet, however, with MS Access the export option exists for any data table in the system.  I will work on the Export options for Quicken and MS Word asap.  The goal right now is to get the program up and running for current work and out of the old program, so exports are lower on priority list than other items.


Current Version 1.0.8 Update

Prepped and finished the Referee Add Assignments Insert key option, which is now an actual menu item on Referee Game Assignments Menu.

Created code for Game Rescheduling, whether to move referee assignments or not. Test heavily as I finished it late and did not test fully.

Added code to handle the Game Official Duplicate Assignment check and it presents the information and allows on the spot modification. Pop up form on same allows for quick view of all relevant game details. Viewing of ref conflicts is done per event.

Create Schedule By Game - time adjusted to automatically fill in time for you on load. Before you had to tab to the field for it to fill in.

Misconduct Form added to system for printing.

Wheel mouse should now scroll games properly in Referee areas where it was not working before.

Inventory done of what remains left to do. I am tightening up list into presentable report for critique/review.

Create schedule by Game was still allowing for creation of games without all data entered. Problem was code was referencing the Old Home and Visit Team Number and not the Team Code, and the Team Code was not alllowed to be null but could be "" or blank space, which bypassed checking code.


Version 1.0.7 Changes

All of the prior change requests have been made, and I've done work to try and make the Referee Assignments screen work according to the way it should.  I was hoping to do an enhancement to it but it was not found to be as good as the original, so I need to see if we can work with it the way it is. Have a look.

Review the change reports on screen or print them out to see my responses and the changes I made for those issues. 

ON the Referee Assignments Browse under the Referee Menu, I put a report button and report at the bottom near the exit button, similar to other forms, where you can now print out the onscreen list with the sort order specified.

Fixed the problem with blank games being created.  This has been rectified.  See problem reports for all other issues repaired/corrected.

Version 1.0.6 Update Info

Under Referee Main Menu, in the Game Assignments Menu, the Game Assignments option (the first on this page) is now active and working.  You can see the list of games in the system (only small amount of sample data included so add more games for more on this form.)  You have custom sort capability on this page, and you can press Alt + E or click on the Edit button at top right of screen to edit the game details.  Please give a critical review of this.  I've not implemented the Reschedule Code for what to do with the Referee Assignments if a game is rescheduled, as the scenarios for LHGCL and the commercial version of the product pose some different issues.  Will add that shortly though.  The next item below is done and should be tested hard to insure it is working correctly.  Please give a critical review of the system as it currently is.

Duplicate Scheduling Conflict Notification - if you enter a game for the same date and time at the same field you will receive a pop up form notifying of scheduling conflict.  This will occur either on the Game Schedule by Game form or on the Reschedule Game form.  Either one will notify you of conflict, and it will show the event the conflict occurs with, whether it is the event you are currently loggedin under or another.

New Game Entry - when entering games, the Competitive Level, Sex and Age information will now be duplicated and input for you from the last record.  This way if you are entering games in order then you can just tab through these fields and use the default information, or, if out of order, you can overwrite the values put in for you.  Auto tab still works.

Printer Buttons - buttons for Previewing a report prior to printing have had button icons changed from Printer button (signifying straight print) to a photo of a document with a magnifying glass on it, signifying a preview of a report.  Once preview loads, there is a print button at the top left of the screen with a printer on it that allows for instant printing, or, choose print from the File menu and you can modify all aspects of the print job such as what pages to print, what printer to use and the printer settings for the printer.

Print Preview buttons on all forms where present icon changed from Printer to a Document with a magnifying glass on it, per the request at the meeting.

Misspelling of OUTPUT on Main Menu corrected.

Team Division/Age Code auto update added to Team Entry/View screen so it is automatically filled out for them. It is locked so it cannot be manually changed.

All of Referee Changes and fixes implemented per Jerry's Bug Report sent in.
All of Sherri's changes implemented per Problem Report database and e-mail and meeting notes.

Please review the problem report online report for notes on changes made for each request.


July 19, 2004 Update - Version 1.0.5

Draft 1 - major work done over last 5 days.  All change requests taken care of and change report shows my response and comments regarding issues noted.  Details on major changes made are:

Utilities- System Event Default Data
Corrections and updates made to this area. Table creator code pulled out and form reduced from 4 pages to 2 pages. This area was updated and tightened up.

Import and Export Data- Prototype shown before now finished and fully functional. 2 parts to this area, one is for copying data (Teams, Coaches, Referees, Ref Max Pay and Player tables) to a new event quickly and easily. Works smoothly and ability to do one or two tables at one time and the others later provided, and prevention from double copying data set up to alleviate potential for mistakes.
Referee Game Assignment Import/Export - the second page on this form allows for the export and import of the Game Data table and the Game Assignment table. A separate database container used for transferring the data was built and can be ported back and forth. Currently it is transferring the entire system with all events but we can reduce that down to transferring just a specific events data only in the future. Majority of work done here and medium modifications down the road will allow this to be done on a per event basis. See this section and test it.

Lookup table maintenance now instructs users to use the View Datasheet option to see all of the data at once in a table format. While instructions are provided on every form, this feature is not turned on for every one of them but will be in the next revision. This allows user to see all data quickly and easily.

Referee data forms - Address 2 data field pulled and ID Number put in place of it. Jerry and I discussed this and the preference is to use an ID number from a programming standpoint. This is provided and may or may not be used.

Create Schedules by Individual Games - Game Scheduling - major work was done on this screen and all problem reports relating to this form were addressed. This is a major piece in the system and at this point I believe it is 95% functional. Among other things, team selection is filtered now based on Age Competition Level and Sex put in prior to selecting teams. Game Number generation code adjusted. Selection of option from Menu now enters this form in entry mode. Auto-tab added on all possible fields. Quick add button added near last column/field of data, and when it gets the focus user just hits enter to roll to a new record. Entry speed on this has been increased greatly due to good suggestions by Sherri and implementation of same. Problem Reports will show other information pertinent to the changes to this page. Code added to exit button - if partial record entered and user exits, pop up message gives 3 options on how to handle the partially entered record - save it, discard it or cancel exit.

Game/List Browse - Referee Option - this section finished out. Entering Game assignments now checks to see if Game Assignment record created for particular game - if it has, then it is updated, if not then it is added. 4 Referees now possible in new system. code added and data tightened up.

PROGRAM NOTE: All fields that are drop down search boxes with lookup data, where possible, be light green instead of light yellow. When you see a light green field that is a lookup type field, you can double click it and it will open it's corresponding Lookup Table Maintenance Form. This way if you are trying to make a selection of data and it does not appear in your list, you can double-click it and pop open the maintenance form and enter the data that you need. Greatly speeds entry and maintenance of system. This feature will be added in more and more places as development continues.

Team Database - Work done on this area. One feature is on the Coach/Asst. Coach/ Manager fields, to the right of them is a "View" button. Clicking on this button will open the Coaches Data screen with that particular individual loaded for quick editing. Rather than exit the Team screen, and load coach, then find that coach, this provides for quick access to that individuals record.

July 13, 2004 Update:

In this update it is focused primarily on the Game Entry screen.  "Create Schedules By Game" is the second item on the "Schedules/Scores" menu off of the Main Menu.  This update is primarily for you Sherri, and there are 2 things I would like for you to have a look at.  First, please just review the items in the "Schedules/Scores" section, and use the Problem Report buttons on that main menu and the screens you look at from that menu.  Once you have entered all of your problem reports, and are done, return to the Main Menu of Soccer Master and click on the button there for sending the information to me.  This will allow us a small test of the reporting system, and you can give me feedback on the Schedules/Scores menu items. 

In this update I have done the following:

Updated the Game List screen with a new button that will only show if you arrive at this page from the "Create Schedule by Games" page.  When you are in the Create Schedule by Game screen, you can browse to any record in that database, and at the top right you will see a button for Opening and Editing Game Information.  When you click on that button it will load that game in the Game List screen, with only that game showing.  At the bottom right of that screen you will notice there are 2 print buttons present now.  The second button will only be there if you get to this screen like this.  You will also notice that the Hypersearch box at the top left of the screen is not there.  This way you load just that game, can manipulate it with any of the choices at the top of that screen, and if you click on the report button below, the new button will open a report with only that game, the regular print button (by the Exit button) will still print a list of all games, and in the sort order you are currently on for this form. 

Another change is on the Game List form.  As an attempt to make this viable for entering in game scores, when you use the Hypersearch at the top of the screen now, after you select a game it will automatically place your cursor in the Home Team score field, for you to enter in the score the home team had.  Press the tab key and you will go to the Visitor Score field.  Press tab again and you will move to the next game on the list, and your cursor will be in the Home Team Score field.  I've basically made it so that the only fields you can tab to are the Home and Visitor score fields.  If you do a custom sort of the data on this form, in the order of your paper list with scores on it, you could quickly add scores here.  However, I realize that the old program had some advantages when entering scores using the form specifically designed for that, and if this is not fluid enough I can re-create the other screen without problem.  Just let me know if we will need the Enter Game Scores form in addition to this.

Finally, on the Create Schedules by Game form, here are the changes I've done on it. The Hyperview box at the top of the page now has the requested fields shown Sherri, in the left to right order you wanted.  I have sorted that list by Game Number Descending, so the highest game number appears at the top of the list.  Your e-mail did not list the Game Time field so I put it to the right of the Game date field as I felt you would want that there.  I've set it up to where the previously viewed or displayed game is shown at the bottom of the page.  If you hold your mouse pointer over the navigation buttons I added to the bottom left of the form, it should pop open a tool tip explaining what that button does.  Basically you have the following:

<<   <    >    >>   >*     

(In order, go to first record, go to previous record, go to next record, go to last record, create new record after saving the one you are on.)  

I have not assigned hot keys (Alt + Letter) yet to those buttons but will.  Mainly for adding another new record, pressing Alt+N will take you to a new record, incrementing the Game Number up by one above the last Game Number.  Plus the Field Code and Date will be inserted for you, and the Game Time will be added with 90 minutes or whatever the allotted interval is for that Event.  One thing I had to do here.  When you click on the New Game button ( >* )  to make things work correctly, here is what I am doing.  If we need to do it different I can but this seemed the most logical.  When you press that button, the program will first take you to the very last record in the record set, it will grab the information for that game, then take you to a new record, and paste the last games information in the boxes at the bottom of the screen, and then will add the game number incremented by one plus the field code and event date.  As you enter in the information across the row of data (Comp Level, Age, Sex, Teams) you will fill it in and when you get to the Time field it will fill it in for you, adding 90 (or whatever time allotted) to the last game time.  I did this because if a person were browsing the games, and halfway through the game records they pressed the Enter New Game button, it would try and grab that game number and add one to it, creating a duplicate record.  That is why I forcibly take the user to the last record before starting the New Game entry process.  It is transparent to the user, it happens so fast it cannot be seen.  Anyhow, let me know if we need to change this methodology.  Also, when selecting Teams for a game on this screen, the drop down Team list now has the Team Code there also for quick reference (A1, A2) so that should be helpful. 

When you were over on Saturday Sherri I showed you how you look at the data in either Form View or table view.  On the Game Entry screen if you click on the "View" menu at the top of the page (the Access Menu View) you can select form or datasheet view.  If in datasheet view, you can click on the game date field and the pop up calendar will open for you even there. 

Also, on the Main Menu there is now a button to view the Problem Reports that have been entered, with my comments at the lower part of each page showing what was done on that item.  Each time I give you a new copy of the system you will see the your information with my comments and it will grow larger.  You will look at the dates as a reference as to what was done before and done recently. 

That is the majority of this review.  I want to make sure I am moving in the right direction.  I had some confusion over the Team Code field.  There was Team Number and Team Code and so I've had to retro change that issue and there are some more places I will do that.  I've already done it in a few already.  Anyhow, hopefully you can have a look at this prior to your departure Wednesday. 

July 2nd, 2004 Update

I am not going to go into great detail but here are some of the changes in this copy:

The following paragraph was included in the e-mail you received:

Schedules/Scores Menu Game List browse has majority done.  Hypersearch a game number then click any of the action buttons at top of screen for info on that game.  Custom Sort options now added to majority of all pages where lots of information shown, such as Ref Master and Current Browse, Team and Player browse.  Adding print button next to Exit buttons on forms that will open a report of the currently shown information on the screen.  Already added to both ref screens.  Works in conjunction with the custom sort buttons;  create a custom sort on a form and then press the print button by the exit button, and your report will open with that sort in effect.  Host of other things done.  Majority of work done on Game Browse.  Still need to finish the Referee page for the Game Browse option - need some clarification on that which I will get in next few days.  Also, as we are running low on time, I am going to send over a list of all of the reports in the system.  We will do that in a spreadsheet.  As we may be able to get a functioning system together and working, I will do the reports last.  We will prioritize them in order of importance so I can get those with the most important ones being done first.  I will furnish a spreadsheet with that information a little later.  Again, we are still not on a critical review copy yet but close.  You will notice the Bug/Problem buttons at the bottom of most pages.  This is what we will use to report problems when we go into formal review.  For now you can take notes for yourself if you like to include when we start the formal review of draft 1.  My hopes are to have 2 major drafts with a final copy after that.   Let me know what you think of this and if there are any major issues I need to be aware of. 


Friday, June 18, 2004 - 4:05 am:

Currently the Player Master and Current Player browse are pretty complete. Team Menu Team Browse is close to complete for viewing Teams data.  Lookup Table Maintenance has been added and is nearly complete.  Under the Utilities Menu select Lookup Table Maintenance and view each of the 12 or so lookup table maintenance forms.  Also, the code and controls that permit the graphics selection has been changed to another method to hopefully alleviate the problem with selecting graphics on some machines and hopefully will alleviate need for the Tacrun.exe file. 

In this sample I've only included the actual SoccerMaster.mde file and not the related graphics and support files.  If you have removed the previous files you will need to put them back on your system.  When you unzip this file you will just have the .mde file, and it should again be placed in the C:\SoccerMaster\ folder and that folder should have the \Artwork subfolder present with the graphics sent on prior occasions.  This copy is about 60mb in size, and zipped down to 20 megabytes.  Again, this is not a formal review copy so don't worry about bug reports.  It is more to insure that the product is moving in the right direction.

June 15, 2004 - In this version of sample the Create New Event - Edit Event section is close to final version.  The Add Dates and Times section has been added with error handling. 

Also, the Referee Master Browse section has been updated to reflect more of Jerry's input.  Because of notes from Jerry it is believed some additional modification will be necessary but this covers some of the information we've discussed.

New Changes to view. When you open the system now, you will select what Event you wish to work on. There are 2 sample records there now for demonstration purposes.  One of the changes is that for each event you can have separate background colors and/or graphics and overall default data information. This will help people working on multiple events, having different background colors or graphics.  When from the Main Menu you choose the event you wish to work on, all subsequent screens and data will reflect the defaults made for that particular event.  You can have different area codes, zip codes and other information for each new Event entered, as well as colors and graphics.

The default data portion of the program is present and accessible by clicking on the Utilities Menu, opening it and choosing the top menu item, system defaults. There are 2 pages instead of 4 here. Many of the items about whether players should have equipment offered, whether they can purchase game balls, etc, have been removed. Each league can determine these themselves and can require this information if they prefer.  On the System Default page, you can either use the Alt key in combination with the numbers 1 or 2 to go to the first or second page. In fact, anywhere in the Soccer Master program, if you see a button with a letter that is underlined, that will instruct you that to open that quickly you can just press the Alt key on the keyboard and the letter/number that is Underlined, and it will open that item or make that selection. You can also use your Page Up - Page Down buttons on the keyboard to page up or page down on screen (forms) and reports. 

Some of the other work I have done behind the scenes is work on the data tables and prepared them for inclusion in the system, which is necessary before adding to the forms and reports. The other screens in the program will now begin to develop pretty quickly.

There is some screen flashing going on that I intend on remedying. Part of it is because of the graphics. There are several techniques to eliminate or reduce this flashing, but I will wait to add toward the end of the programming, as it will take less time and be more effective that way. The instructions below are the same.  If you are prompted for a password Sherri it is the name of your pet, the beverage name. Also, on the Main Menu I put a note to you with some instructions for you to test with.  Let me know how it goes and if you feel this portion of the program with regards to first use and Default Data looks and functions ok for you and if it needs any changes. 

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