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Friday 1/13/2006 5:12:17 PM

An idea came to me on Thursday of this week, at about 9:30 pm, while watching the second episode of the new series Dallas SWAT now airing on the Biography channel.  A commercial came on at some point telling the story about how the Fire Department rescued a kitten in a house.  It hit me, Dallas SWAT and the rescued kitten preview for the news that night caused a terrific insight.  SWAT, everything changes now.  It was funny because a few days after I posted it I did a search on Google and the same day or next it occurred to me,  there was a story where SWAT went by their fire station on the way to a call to borrow their super goggles.  (I saved the article.) Glad to see this is an option for SWAT and look forward to their success.  Hopefully budgets won't prevent their distribution.    Technology saves lives, we just need apply it.  SS

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