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The postal service should continue to deliver business mail 5-6 days a week as is done now, but the other 70-80 percent, they only get their mail on Monday - Wednesday - Friday.  You immediately reduce the majority of mail delivery in half, a massive savings in gasoline alone requires we do this.   If you live in a community that would only get mail those 3 days, and you have say a home based business, or anyone who wants to get mail 5 days a week will have to get a PO Box.  It would require that we expand the number of PO boxes in this country but this is good, because you could set up large groups of PO Boxes like at an apartment complex on main roads near large communities.  Otherwise, if you have mail you need all week but don't want a PO Box, then you could send/receive your important mail at your job, as they will have full week service.  I know their are some limitations and special situations, but overall this would reduce the postal costs by an ENORMOUS amount.  Don't discount until you have run the numbers.  Basically 3/4th of the postal vehicles not budging two days a week, or reverse it - mail in residential areas on Tuesday and Thursday only, 3 days per week off for 75% of postal trucks.   I believe this would result in savings of 500 million to 1 billion per year just for the gas costs, almost overnight.  If you factor in reduced employee costs with many postal carriers going part time versus full time, something I had to even suggest with the American Worker as they are at this moment, however, it has to be considered.  

NOW,  why wasn't this done 10 years ago?   Because we don't think out of the box too much and accept things as they are as normal.  And we didn't have the Internet and E-mail.  But think about it, I only receive bills at my house, and leave an occasional letter or bill payment for the carrier.  But in now way do I need 5 or 6 day a week service.  If the postman came on Tuesday and Wednesday I would never no the difference, I would be just fine, and I honestly believe at least 2 in 10 Americans feel the same way I do about this once they give it some thought.   This is an extremely logical idea I think and something we really need to look at in 2006 and beyond.  It would be nice to see the price of the postage stamp actually drop a few cents for a change.  And I know there are a few things we could do with 500 million to a billion dollars EVERY year.  Help me promote this if you believe in and have a few minutes.  Copy, paste and e-mail this to a friend or to an editor at your newspaper.  At the bottom of every page is a link to send a link to this site to someone.  It allows you to use your mail program and your address book, so it is private and convenient to share.


Steve Shep

2006 (Posted January 15, 2006)



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