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Thank you for your order. Your transaction has been successfully completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Follow the instructions below to Instantly Download the website to your computer or print these instructions out to use when downloading the site on a friends computer to burn a DVD Copy.  You may log into www.paypal.com to view the details of this transaction.


Open up Internet Explorer to the SShep.com Website Main Home Page (http://www.sshep.com/index.htm)

On the Menu at top of Window, select Favorites - then Add To Favorites as shown here:


Then select the check box Make Available Offline, shown below:



Choose the Customize Button that is now not grayed out and follow the Wizard for Saving the Site to your computer


You can also set a schedule for your computer to check my site and update your copy automatically with any changes that have happened to my site, and just the changed pages will be downloaded.


In the wizard you should set the following page as shown here:



 You can then indicate whether you want your copy of the site updated on a scheduled basis or only when you elect to manually do a synchronization, as shown here:



This will complete the download process.  Pay attention to where your copy of the site is downloaded to.

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