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Steve Shep

Steve Shep

Hello and Welcome to my Cyber Home!

Thanks for stopping by.  I've lived most of my life in Dallas, Texas, USA.  I almost need a safari hat for everyday life, as it is a constant adventure. 

I became interested in computers and have been programming for many years now, although it is meant to hold me over until I can get my first invention patented.  I enjoy an occasional entrepreneurial excursion and have written numerous software programs.  Check out any of the links below for additional information, photos or to contact me.  A link to mail a link to this site to others using your mail program is included at the bottom of each page and on some pages in the body of the page. 


Most recent site updates: Jeremy by Pearl Jam page now has new photos of Jeremy Delle, general photos updated, burglary video compilation added, Bloody Friday page under Iraq Atrocity as well, and all user comments now added and updated. 100,000 page hits on this site was attained 12-11-2004.

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