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Michelle Branch Concert, Dallas, Texas, Tree's Club in Deep Ellum

And the first song that caused me to fall in love with her, the timing of her first album and this song were so intense in my life I was grateful she was able to share with us.  Page Down for all photos.

May 23, 2003

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Michelle's Signature

Moments after the concert ended that night, I went out onto the front porch and street area and waited.  I wasn't sure if Michelle would go that way, but the bus was parked just up the street about 25 yards.  Sure enough, within a few minutes she rolled out with one band member at her side.  I fell in behind them as they bee lined toward the bus, at a brisk pace.  I said "Michelle" twice, and they did not slow down or acknowledge me, and I stopped right there as I felt they might feel threatened by me.  In hindsight though, her ears were probably ringing so bad from her last 30 minutes on stage she probably didn't even hear me.  (Jump in at anytime Michelle if you ever make it to this page.)  So, 30 minutes later a person popped out of the door of the bus, took my pen and paper and those of others and returned 10 minutes later with the following signature.   Photos follow signature.  Unfortunately I had to walk away and leave Vanessa wondering where I went when I was gone. 

The release of this song you are listening to rose to the Top 10, Michelle's first big hit, at the exact same time one of the Top 10 most critical events (thus far) was occurring in my life (September 2002) and an amazing woman had jumped into my life and I had to walk away against what we both wanted.  This song helped me through this period and I could never hear it without thinking of her.

HE turned it inside out so I could see, His spirit permeated me, your everywhere Father, for this I believe -

only through you I got this far, I pray and there you are, you're everywhere to me, your love is all we need, you make me whole and you make me believe.... I'm not alone.  (And neither are you.) (Michelle Branch Paraphrased-The Spirit Room, SS)



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Michelle Branch Video on The Jay Leno Show NBC and Song Everywhere from The Spirit Room

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