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Please do not request individual files, videos or items on this site.  If you are unable to obtain copies elsewhere you can purchase an Instant Download of the entire site for a nominal fee.  This allows those unable to get this information elsewhere to receive it for a nominal fee, which keeps the requests down which were impossible to keep up.  No ads, no popups ever on my site since 1997, but I am asking you to locate this information elsewhere if you can and if not then get the Instant Download.  At the time of this writing I am completely disabled for a side effect from a medication my doctors had me on and am not expected to recover for 3-6 more months. Thanks for understanding !

I am notified shortly after a request is submitted and will respond as soon as possible. 


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Due to a large number of requests for photos, and due to an increase in the amount of people visiting this site, I am now placing the entire website into a file for download to your computer. 

Update your copy of the site with the most current copy of my site whenever you like with this option.   For DVD orders allow 14 days for shipping.  Instant Download can begin immediately after payment is made. No Paypal account is needed.

Instant Download - Photo Only-  $ 2.95

Instant Download - Entire Site - $ 7.95 (Music, Videos and Photos)

DVD - $ 15.95, shipping & handling included

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