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Please Do Not Request Photos, Videos or Images from this site-you can order the DVD using Paypal with the form below.  Sorry, too many requests for individual images to keep up with.

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Available Now for Instant Download Complete Website Super Fast When Run from Your Computer

Due to a large number of requests for photos, and due to an increase in the amount of people visiting this site, I am now placing the entire website into a file for download to your computer.  I also became disabled in early 2005 and while expected to recuperate at some point, it is still several months out at best and my disability claim has not been processed yet .  Update your copy of the site with the most current copy of my site whenever you like with this option and save more than half off of the DVD.  For those of you with dial up Internet, this will be especially nice as you won't have the slow speed experienced with dial up Internet and all videos will play full speed.  However, downloading with the Instant Download will take quite a while if you are connected via dial up and is not recommended.  Better to download and burn at a friends house with a DVD burner and a fast Internet connection.  And everything seen on this site will be included- videos, music, photographs, flash files and software.   The Instant Download option allows you to burn it to DVD if you have a DVD Burner where you know it will work.  While you may not reproduce the site for sale, you can share and make copies for friends and family.  For DVD orders allow 7 days for shipping.  Instant Download can begin anytime after payment is made. Website Instant Download - Now Available -  US $ 5.95 Website on DVD - US $ 12.95, shipping & handling included

(You should be able to make a payment without setting up a PayPal account, just a normal secure credit card transaction via PayPal's secure website.) 

Order now with Debit Card, Credit Card or Check, no Paypal account needed with credit card orders, just click and check out.  You can use any of these credit cards: Website

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