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The following is an idea I had in 1997 for Magnetic Racing Stripes.  For those weekend warriors who wanted stripes but wanted their cars to look corporate Monday through Friday.  Using Aviation grade paper thin magnets, these stripes were/are very intense.  However, with the greater number of "plastic" vehicles, this idea held little future.  It was my first website though and so it is included here, in part, for nostaligia.  I am not actively working on this.  The color choices are present however, and for someone considering racing stripes of any kind, their is a good collection of current color choices shown that can be viewed.

Racing Stripes dramatically increase a vehicles look and visibility, creating a more attractive and safer vehicle. With magnetic and peel-n-stick vinyl stripes, everyone has the flexibility of having racing stripes now, for the weekend or forever. They are available in over 180 stunning colors, and can be ordered mounted to aviation-grade magnetic base material or in a peel-n-stick, wet-mount stripe format. HYPER Stripes™ Removable Racing Stripes and STREET STRIPES™ Magnetic Racing Stripes and Stripe Kits solve your striping needs. Our complete kits include everything one needs to stripe their entire vehicle, including training video, extra peel-n-stick stripes material for training tutorial and plenty of extra material to make mistakes. The highest grade premium vinyl stripes are utilized.

HYPER Stripes-STREET STRIPESMagnetic Racing Stripes

Our magnetic stripes are the same high-quality stripes as our peel-n-stick stripes, only they are mounted with tremendous pressure to paper-thin magnetic stripes that mold to your hood and other magnetic auto surfaces. High-speed tested, they won't come off. In 70 degree plus temperatures, they secrete a invisible amount of natural adhesive that bonds them to your car. They mold to your hood and stick lightly yet do not affect paint. Tested to 120 m.p.h. by our team in high winds, they hold tight. (Magnetic signs have been used on car doors for years.) STREET STRIPES™ can be trimmed and customized to any dimension, angle or cut you want. If you are worried about cutting them yourself, a sign shop in your city will cut them precisely for you, at any angle, for a nominal fee.

STREET STRIPESProfessional Striping Kit

For those of you who would like to stripe your vehicle entirely, or have vehicles with non-magnetic hoods or other body parts, our 180 colors of premium vinyl color materials are available in the STREET STRIPES™ Professional Striping Kits or separately. In our complete kit you will find enough premium vinyl to stripe your car with room for training and errors, a instructional video, instructions for mixing your application fluids for wet application, special blades, Tips and Tricks sheet, Squeegee, and everything else possibly needed to do your own stripes. You will be able to order these items individually as well. If you have the equipment and know-how already, you can order the base kit of vinyl only in the colors you want and have your local neighborhood striping or window-tinting expert put them on. If you have ever tinted car windows, the same basic principles apply except in some ways stripes are easier. The video demonstrates each step. A garage or area without any wind is required when applying the stripes, and the assistance of a friend your first time is helpful. Click the Racing Stripes Link at the top of the page or either of the photos to jump to our Racing Stripes details pages.

SAFETY Stripes™ Neon Safety Stripes

Tired of other vehicles not seeing your vehicle or people pulling out in front of you. While nothing will cure this entirely, you can enhance your vehicles visibility in the extreme with SAFETY Stripes™ Neon Safety Stripes.

HYPER Shields™ Removable Brush Guards

For Off-Road enthusiasts, add HYPER Shields™ Removable Brush Guards for protecting your vehicle while 4-wheeling or hunting. Your paint won't get scratched.

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