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Caught on Cam - Burglars Caught in the Act

On Monday morning while working I noticed some activity on my rear security camera.  I started watching, and flipping back and forth between various cameras in front and back, when next I saw one of the individuals at the neighbors door with a screwdriver, attempting to force the door open.  I got on the phone with 911 and narrated their activities while officers were responding.  They were caught with their gloves still on, screwdrivers in hand.  I showed the footage to the neighbors when they got home, and within 30 seconds they had identified both individuals as friends of a friend.  Here is some of what the cameras caught.  I put this together quick but will add more after reviewing in the next day or so.  Photos below video.


View the video now at my Hi-Speed Site by clicking:

Individual Photos of Burglars from Video Footage



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