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Avery Cat Pics

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(My nephew) Avery and his classmates requested that I put some more funny cat photos on for them, so here we go.    Also, some are small photos - when you click on them they will load big copies of the photo.  After viewing those just press the "Back" button to go back to this page. 

Kitty Wipeout - Kitten Dancing to Beach Boys:


Avery with his critters

Cat and Dog Stop Burglars while they are Home Alone:

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The kitten learning bad habits from Garfield...

This cat talks in his sleep, and he cries when I won't give him tuna fish! (see what I mean) <:

I bet him a can of tuna fish he could not touch his tongue to his nose - man was I wrong!

This is him after he found the hidden catnip and finished it himself - his eyes were like this for 2 days.

And he sleeps really funny:

See what happens when cat meets squirrel in the video by clicking:

Cat Versus Squirrel - Battle for the Cat Food Dish

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