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In Memory of Martin Luther King  ...  2006 ... A Change for Civil Rights, a change for America

I propose that the FBI relinquish the handling of civil rights violations cases to a new government entity solely dedicated to preserving the civil rights of citizens and a new National Internal Affairs Division that handles all law enforcement investigations, to improve the relationships between the FBI and local law enforcement agencies, to allow the FBI to focus on matters they are needing to focus on, and to insure that the best handling of these types of cases occurs for the benefit of every man, woman and child in this amazing wonderful country.  With the Internet growing at the speed of light nearly, the FBI is working very hard to manage this growth, but it is a daunting task.  (GRID) This will also allow the FBI to increase its efforts to train the law enforcement agencies of our allies in countries around the world which will only help increase world stability.  We recently saw the increase in the sophistication and abilities of the Mexican Government in the capture of the suspect who killed Dallas Resident Oscar Sanchez, and the FBI's assistance with these other countries will help increase stability.  Finally, the reason we can and must do this important change is to insure that our children inherit a better world and I believe in my heart that this would contribute to that. 

Steve Shep, January 14th, 2006  2:33 am

Why: The reason I propose this is because I see this as the one primary conflict the FBI has when working with the local police departments in our nation.  We need the Police and the FBI to have a great working relationship, complete trust and cooperation, and the only thing I see preventing that is Civil Rights Violations of local police departments and city government.  I may be wrong here and I hope others can present that to me if they believe I am wrong.  I would like to see a Civil Rights and National Internal Affairs that can lean heavily on the FBI and FBI crime lab but without Special Agents having to interact with officers during these often difficult investigations.  With homeland security we've tied the various national security agencies together, lets remove this distraction from the FBI and put in place a blue ribbon group whose sole purpose is to handle these matters.  Sam Donaldson of ABC News did a story 5-7 years ago about the FBI's handling of civil rights cases, and the story was less than flattering for the FBI.  We need to do this or we risk allowing 1/10th of one percent of those capable of violating civil rights doing so, and poisoning the perception of the rest.  The publics confidence is at stake in my humble opinion, and any feed back on this idea is greatly appreciated.  I will try and obtain a copy of the Sam Donaldson story, as I would like to know if this problem was ever addressed, and whether or not my proposal is valid.  This Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and I remembered I wanted to explore this proposed change.  I know we don't need more federal agencies for those of you against that, but I believe the hearts and minds of the American public would rest easier if they knew that their civil rights won't be violated, and if they are, an effective investigation will occur that won't pit the FBI against a police department that they need to be able to work with fully on 20 other issues.  Let me know what you think:  That and the investigation of law enforcement officers, even city officials in the case of Dallas, where FBI raided City Hall to confiscate the files of 2-4 city council members in 2005.  The other thing is the creation of a single Federal Government Entity that is the Internal Affairs nationwide. 

Tell Me What You Think and thanks in advance, Steve Shep, In Memory of Martin Luther King, posted on January 14, 2006 2:11 am.   Comment on This Please: Should this happen?  Good Idea or Bad?

FBI Director Louis FREEh - Read His New Book, which among other things shares what life as the director of the FBI was like during the Clinton Years.  From the Washington Post: "For nearly a dozen years, Louis J. Freeh has been pointedly silent about the man who appointed him director of the FBI. That moratorium ends officially and loudly with the publication of Freeh's My FBI, a scorching account of his relationship with Bill Clinton and of leading the bureau at a time when, as Freeh writes, the president's "scandals . . . never ended." To understand the depth of Freeh's antipathy, consider this one anecdote: Sometime after he resigned in 2001, Freeh ran into the former White House counsel who had recommended Freeh for the job. The lawyer reported that Clinton had just complained to him that the worst advice the lawyer ever gave him was to appoint Freeh. "I wear it as a badge of honor," Freeh writes."

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