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 Avery Cat Pics

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(My nephew) Avery and his classmates requested that I put some more funny cat photos on for them, so here we go.   

Avery with his critters

The kitten learning bad habits from Garfield...

Despite repeated attempts by his Mom and brother to convince him that Cats just do not watch TV, Boy Kitty studied American Television intently.  He's a happy kitty cat, but he struggles for the Tender Vittles.

This cat talks in his sleep, and he cries when I

won't give him tuna fish! (see what I mean) <:



I bet him a can of tuna fish he couldn't touch

his tongue to his nose - man was I wrong!

This is him after he found the hidden catnip and

finished it himself - his eyes were like this for 2 days.

And he wouldn't come out from under the stairs either

Took him a few days to get his "sea legs" back!

And he sleeps really funny:


Hold your shift key down and click on any of the little photos to see the big version of it:

This is his buddy from around the corner!

This cat has narcolepsy and falls asleep all the time in the middle of the sidewalk:

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K-9 Police Attack Kitten Dancing to Beach Boys Wipeout Song

Prozac for Kitty Cat

Funny Cat and Dog Stop Burglars while they are Home Alone:

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Photo overlaid onto water color

Finally, Uncle Shep in various predicaments!

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