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Cat vs. Squirrel

Here is a new one that my security camera caught.  After it, see the ones that follow below.

K-9 Police Attack Kitten Dancing to Beach Boys Wipeout Song

Don't laugh. He mess you up.  He mess you up bad. (He has the reflexes of a cat)


Dial Up Slow Computers High Speed Fast Computers

There are two versions of the following video. The first is the Dial Up Version, which loads fast but is low quality. The second is the larger DSL version. It is much better quality but takes a little longer to load.

This is a picture of her now. She is about a year old. As a kitten though, any time I began working on the computer she knew it was time to come to my aid with those annoying things on my computer screen. Now she just sleeps on top of the computer monitor.  This is her Kitty Thanksgiving- Cornish hens.

My Car Accidents in Dallas

View my car wreck video, with footage of two accidents I was in here in Dallas, the latter one requiring the jaws of life.  Photos and video can be viewed at the following links: 

My Car Wreck Photos    My Car Wreck Video

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