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Funnier Videos from this Site

Kittens Funniest Moments-Compilation Funny Cat Clips (Length: 25 minutes)


Cat vs. Squirrel

Here is a new one that my security camera caught.

Rescued Kitten - Newborn

This kitten was found without its mother inches from a busy 4 lane road.  Marni (not Marti) took over care and raised this kitten to a gorgeous cat.  My cat Moonyeca interacts with the kitten in the video - cute.  Photos before and after of this kitten appear below video window.


DSL / Hi-Speed Internet


For other humorous pet and cat photos, click on the Kids Pages picture above.

Note: I need to narrate parts but haven't yet.  There are scenes where a kitten I have watches TV - it is the first cat I've had that really enjoyed TV.  In one scene he is watching his brothers and sisters on TV - they all moved out a week earlier, and when I played the tape he had a tremendous response, even standing on his back legs when he was on screen, running behind the TV trying to find them and pawing the screen.  Also, the mother cat had kittens here and there were 3 other cats in the house already.  Only one cat was allowed to play with the kittens, and that was only after the mother cat ran her off a few times, which is also shown.  Overall it is very funny with a few long parts I need to reduce down.  Once it has completely downloaded during play you can jump around to different parts.


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