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Kurt Cobain Note

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Although labeled a suicide note by law enforcement, many believe this note was a note by Kurt, at least the first 3/4th's of the page, telling his fans he was leaving the music business.  It appears the last 1/4th of the note was written by someone else.  To follow is a special Zoom version of the note, which will allow you to view it closer and come to your own conclusions.  See the note below for instructions on viewing this special Zoom version of the note.

The Zoom Feature takes a few seconds to load after the page has loaded, but allows one to put their mouse pointer over the note and use left/right mouse button to zoom in/out. Move mouse to each of edge of photo while zoomed in to cause it to scroll each direction so you can see entire note. Another copy of note is included afterward without zoom capability, to see note as is. If you go past the zoom note below and come back to it, it may stop working. Just refresh this page to start it back up.

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Note Without Zoom Feature

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