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STREET STRIPESProfessional Striping Kits

For those of you who would like to stripe your vehicle entirely, or have vehicles with non-magnetic hoods or other body parts, our 180 colors of premium vinyl color materials are available in the STREET STRIPESProfessional Striping Kit. In it you will find enough premium vinyl to stripe your car with room for error, a short, concise instructional video, instructions for mixing your application fluids for wet application, special blades, Tips and Tricks Chart, special Squeegee, and everything else possibly needed to do your own stripes. In this deluxe version with all the extras, you have everything needed to do your own stripes. If you have the equipment and know-how already, you can order the base kit of vinyl only in the colors you want and have your local neighborhood striping or window-tinting expert put them on.


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