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Instructions regarding how to prepare your HYPER Stripes™ Paint-Your-Own and Print-Your-Own Stripes will appear here, as well as Tips, Tricks and Customization Techniques. We will be including downloadable patterns for different items that will allow you to cut-out your stripes in a variety of popular shapes, for different vehicles.   

We are preparing a on-line digital library of images that will be searchable and downloadable, and are contemplating providing service bureau version's of these files that will allow you to download-to-disk and take them to your local Kinko-rama Copy Shop for printing in black and white (for cutting out) or in color (for mounting images to your stripes and sealing.) We are conducting research into automation of pre-cut designs and layouts for your hoods, such as pre-cut flame patterns, waves and multi-stripe options involving multiple colors. Tag our home page with your browser for fast future reference.

Paint-Your-Own HYPER Stripes™
Print-Your-Own HYPER Stripes™
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