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HYPER Stripes™ Paint-Your-Own Racing Stripes

So, don't like any of our colors huh? We're not hurt! That's why we created our new Paintable HYPER Stripes™, for that look that looks just like you like!

You can do all kinds of things with this, and our other product, Printable HYPER Stripes™, which allow you to transfer anything from your mind to your computer to your stripes. Let your imagination go. You can cut these stripes any way you want. As winners from our Hyper Car Photo Contest begin to build, you can consult that area for ideas. We will also feature "Most Innovative Use" of HYPER Stripes™ as things get interesting.

Purchase your new stripes, prep and paint them, let them dry, then follow the instructions on how to seal them in a permanent clear seal.

Bam, you have your very own custom colors! Looking good my friend!

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