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HYPER Stripes—STREET STRIPES™ Removable Racing Stripes

HYPER Stripes™ are our basic stripes available in 12 colors, and are available at quantity rates for fleet managers and auto dealerships who want to sell more cars. HYPER Stripes™ Pro are our basic stripes available in 180 colors, and are also available at quantity rates for fleet managers (price and color-choose our base stripes with any colors you want.)

STREET STRIPES™ are our professional series of racing stripes, and are available in over 180 colors. STREET STRIPES™ include a 2-millimeter clear seal and STREET STRIPES™ Pro feature a 3-millimeter super seal. All are near paper-thin.

Whether you want a super-intense vehicle or a super-safe vehicle, you can do it with any of our 180 plus colors. Our entire premium series of peel-n-stick vinyl colors are available in our new STREET STRIPESProfessional Striping Kit which includes everything you need to do-your-own stripes, including a training video and materials, and enough material to mess up a few times so you get it perfect. Keep an eye on our site for additional information on this new development. Our main page has additional information about the new kits. Pricing will be available via our order form in a few weeks.

HYPER Stripes™—Racing Stripes for the Rest of the World!


HYPER Stripes™ Hyper Car of the Month

Each month we will select a vehicle from entries mailed to us and each months winner will win one set of STREET STRIPES™ Racing Stripes in their choice of colors. If you win we will scan your photo and place it here on the HYPER Stripes Hyper Site, along with a brief description about your vehicle and yourself. Winners of past months will be placed on a "Past Winners Hall of Fame" page for continued display. 

We here at HYPER Stripes™—STREET STRIPES™ appreciate your support and guarantee you great racing stripes at a great price in the color you need!


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