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Maximum Color Display on Windows 95 Systems

Right-click on your desktop and pull up the following dialog, selecting the bottom item, Properties.

wpe1.jpg (27037 bytes)

The following dialog box will pop-up on your screen. There is a tab that says "Settings" and you need to click it.

wpe2.jpg (27807 bytes)

After selecting settings, the dialog box will look like this:

wpe3.jpg (28900 bytes)

Above, where it says "Color palette" it should be set at 24-bit or higher resolution. Your system may need to be re-started to complete this change. On the right where it says "Desktop area" you may have to set it at 640 by 480 pixels to view the higher color ranges on the Color palette. This may seem like a lot of effort, but you will be able to see these colors with more accuracy (it will also benefit your system viewing throughout all of your other programs as well).  We will mail you a color chart if you like also. Please e-mail literature and brochure requests via the links at the base of each page.

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