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HYPER Stripes™ Removable Racing Stripes

Hyper Stripes™ Sports Stripes are our most affordable striping option. Now available in 10 base colors and 2 neon! See our color choices by selecting "Base Colors" link at the bottom of this page.  May be permanently mounted.

HYPER Stripes™ PRO Removable Racing Stripes

Same as regular HYPER Stripes™, except you may choose from all of the over 180 colors. The only difference between these and STREET STRIPES™ are the 2 or 3-millimeter clear seal we utilize. Those provide a additional level of shine, and super-seal the stripes against any road debris. The color materials utilized are of superior quality and yield the same strength as paint as they are already though, and will last a long time despite their use.


  • Same features as regular HYPER Stripes™ in base colors.
  • Durable aviation-grade materials offer superior adhesion and durability.
  • Pricing allows for automotive dealerships, delivery services, cab services and other transportation-dependent entities to economically equip their fleet of vehicles.
  • Customize-cut the 6 foot x 24" stripe into 3-8" wide or 2-12" wide stripes for additional savings.


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