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STREET STRIPES™ Premium Racing Stripes

Our Primary Stripes are equipped with a 2-millimeter clear seal to add additional shine and protection to any of the over 180 colors available. You may also select Paintable or Printable STREET STRIPES™ as well and create your own Picasso's for your hood!   You can permanently mount them too; they will be much easier to remove than painted stripes, in the event the individual who purchases your car does not like stripes.

STREET STRIPES™ PRO Professional Racing Stripes

Now you're talking. Premium Stripes are available in any of over 180 colors and include a 3-millimeter Super Seal for additional protection and durability. Apply your favorite carnuba wax and you are ready-to-rock. Paint-Your-Own and Print-Your-Own STREET STRIPES™ may be ordered with Premium Finish as well. See order forms for pricing and information.

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