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Frequently Asked Questions...

In the area below we will address the few, frequently asked questions we receive. We have edited the questions so as to be brief and to the point.

Q: Will the magnetic stripes come off at higher speeds?

A: No. Magnetic signs on the sides of cars have been traveling at high speeds for a long time. Additionally, if you intend on going over the posted speed limits, you can place the first 1/16-1/8" of the stripe into the slit where your hood opens. We utilize aviation-grade magnetic materials unlike most widely-available magnets for superior adhesion.

Q: Can you tell me will moisture collect underneath?   Do you have to remove them periodically for any reason? 

A: With magnetic stripes, when you spray your car down at the car wash, you can leave them on your hood. After washing, you just use a clean towel or rag to quickly "press" the stripes from end-to-end, squeezing out the moisture, and periodically wipe off the under side of the stripes.

Q: I have a desire to add not stripes, but flames
to my car.  Any possibility of doing that?

A: Yes. Trace or print out letters, numbers, logos, or flames, tape down onto stripes and cut out. These stripes can be cut with a razor or scissors. These can be adhered to a solid stripe underneath with adhesive, resulting in a 2 layer stripe.

Q: How strong are your stripes? Are they as good as paint?

Our stripes are as durable as paint, and STREET STRIPES™ are sealed in seals of super-clear, super-resistant vinyl material for maximum protection and shine. For those off-roading, these are recommended. The stripes themselves are like rubber and are extremely durable. They mold and conform to your hood with only moderate engine heat. Samples are available in our literature kits.

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