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 Hi-Res 911 Images

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In the left column below are high resolution images that are suitable for slower Internet connections.  If you have a fast Internet connection, select the photos on the right side for super high resolution. Not sure? Try the ones on the right first, and if too slow then view the ones on the left.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you click on an image it will load. Once loaded, wait a few seconds, put your mouse over the lower right corner of the image after it shrinks down and the photo enlarge button (shown below) will appear. Click on it to see full size at that point. Just hit your "Back" button to return to this page after that. Enlarge Photo button is shown here: 

Enlarge Button:

World Trade Center on 6-30-00, before the attack

High Resolution Photos   Super High Resolution Photos

WTC the day after the attack, 9-12-01


WTC 4 days later, on 9-15-01


WTC on 12-31-01


WTC on 1-22-02


WTC on 6-8-02


WTC on 9-4-02


Pentagon 9-7-01 a few days before the attack


Pentagon 9-12-01 the next day, after the attack


Pentagon 11-20-2001


Pentagon 2-5-2002



Pentagon 6-3-2002





Pentagon 8-5-2002







Pentagon 9-7-2002



Special Thanks to: SPACE IMAGING, INC.

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